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Welcome to Catalunya-  an 8 month adventure in Barcelona

I've had the good fortune to find an employer willing to sponsor me to work abroad for the next 8 months to become a competent global professional, aware policy maker, and all around more well-rounded human (thanks HP!). 

Colorín, Colorado

A correspondence. One of my two greats.

"Hope you're feeling better kiddo!
If you remember please buy me a simple postcard from Singapore though no worries, snail mail whenever.
Hope also your psyche ok Doc Pinoc"
XXX  (sunglasses emoji & rockin' guitar emoji)

For many reasons. My socks are full of Vick's vapor rub as I read her little text- doing more good for my cold than my psyche.

I stumbled upon Joanne (Joannie, affectionately) 2 years back at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass back when I was a NorCal pseudo resident. A nudge from a nice fellow helped me get over my compulsive introversion to spend what would have been an otherwise uneventful (as far as free bluegrass festivals in the heart of San Francisco go) day. 

We picnicked through her little baggies crackers, apples, and wine, carried lawn chairs back and forth, Rooster stage, Banjo stage, Rooster stage. We cooled our feet in the likely radioactive sewer water running through the ditches of the park.

Our paths now invariably crossed, Joannie and I stayed in touch through my time in Spain.

"Attractive photo of you kiddo! So where the heck are you? 'CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU?' from a 70s TV show.."
XXX (sunglasses emoji & rockin' guitar emoji)


From the first message (above) to our subsequent:

Bien Venido....bienvenue my chosen hija!
Are you heading straight to PORTLANDIA? When do you start your new gig?
Assume it feels weird, yet also, like a comfortable old nightie (ask me about that analogy as I lay here in my 24 yr old nightie) to be "BACK IN THE USA!"
XXX (sunglasses emoji & rockin' guitar emoji) 'Ma' tee hee

It's been nothing short of joy.

I don't really have a point here. Just to record these little pleasures and encourage kids to talk to strangers.

Lara Michaels