Indiana España

Welcome to Catalunya-  an 8 month adventure in Barcelona

I've had the good fortune to find an employer willing to sponsor me to work abroad for the next 8 months to become a competent global professional, aware policy maker, and all around more well-rounded human (thanks HP!). 

Out of Order

Gosh. It feels like my life in Europe was a lifetime ago already. 

I've traded my feet and metro ticket for a personal internal combustion engine. I understand everything around me. The bread is terrible.

In the last two months I've dined on whiskey and fetched firewood in South Dakota, taken a swim in a parking lot pool, slept under frosty stars in Yosemite. I've ridden horses on buttes and bluffs under the impressive gaze of the Tetons and felt Wyoming's bi-polar affectation soak me to bones. I've been to redwoods and mountains and oceans. It has been a truly American homecoming. 

As I sit in my new home in Vancouver (WA), I feel compelled to finish my tardy travel blog, not entirely for posterity's sake, but also for my last chance relish it. 


Now back to Italy.

Lara Michaels